Wisdom Quest Enrichment Centre

Being the best educarer in Kuala Lumpur, providing daycare, homework guidance, tuition, holiday program, and other enrichment classes for your child.

Better Learning Environment

An optimal learning environment is important for your child’s overall academic development. We provide the most conducive learning environment to nurture your child’s inner capabilities.

Day Care

Helping parents to care for their child while they’re at work. Manage your children schedule, transport and curriculum affair


Home Work Guidance

Guiding your child with everyday homework from school & helping them to learn more with their school’s academic activities.


A supplement to your child’s academic studies & helping them to catch up on their study better with our tuition program.

We Are Open 5 Days A Week

NeuroLAT Program

NeuroLAT Program

Developed by Dr. Ng Meng Lek, a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, NeuroLAT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered learning software that is proven to improve a child’s learning ability and intelligence quotient (IQ). Wisdom Quest is the first tuition center in Malaysia that adopts NeuroLAT. We believe that this program can help more students to develop their overall intellectual ability, beyond simply being good at the exam.

Quality Education Start Here

We understand parents’ difficulty when comes to educating & caring for their child. We provide solutions to this with more than a decade of experience in education, we continue to sharpen ourselves providing better education solutions for our students.

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