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With a decade of experience in children’s education, Wisdom Quest always believes in. With the unique approach of NeuroLAT system that has proven to effectively improve and influence a child’s learning ability and behavior, Wisdom Quest has produced countless quality top student from our learning center since then.

Over the years, we understand that to develop a smart and healthy child takes a lot of time to nurture. We started from just a learning center, slowly expanding to taking the child’s daily life, guiding their homework, and providing a healthy home cook food that parents entrusted us with.

Child Enrichment Center - Wisdom Quest

Our Expertise


Every child has a unique approach to learning. Some learn quickly, while some needs additional guidance and support. Tuition can help your child to close up the learning gap in their academic progression.

Day Care

Parents can hardly keep an eye on their child during the day when they attend to their work. Therefore, we’re offering Day Car service to take the load from parents’ life, and helping to develop a healthy child.

NeuroLAT Malaysia


NeuroLAT is the world first proven artificial Intelligence enhanced learning system for your child to learn 39 different skill-sets to help your child with an accelerated learning experience. By adopting the needs of the 21st century’s competitive environment, NeuroLAT helps children to build an excellent head-start a sound foundation for their life.

Every Child Is Special

We know that every child is special, they have their own unique personality and thought. Therefore, we don’t teach a fish how to climb a tree. By giving personal attention to each child, we carefully craft the learning path and activities to nurture them. Join us today!


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