Malaysia First NeuroLAT Learning Center

Wisdom Quest is the first Malaysia Learning Center that adopts NeuroLAT program. We strongly believe that this Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered learning program will be beneficial to our student in developing their cognitive ability and enhance their learning ability.

NeuroLAT Program

What is NeuroLAT?

Developed Dr. Ng Meng Lek, a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, NeuroLAT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered learning software that is proven to improve a child’s learning ability and intelligence quotient (IQ). The result can be seen by practicing the program for just 20 minutes a day for a consecutive of 90 days.

Tailored For Every Child

With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that built in the learning software, it can tailor the most effective learning path for every child based on the diagnosed cognitive ability and learning behavior. It generates personalized questions that are unique for individual learning, and slowly advance the learning program with higher difficulty as the child progress through the learning path.

Customized NeuroLAT Program

More Than Just A Tuition Program

Tuition program often focused on the academic subject that taught in school, and it’s more about knowledge on the particular subject rather than developing the overall cognitive or learning ability. NeuroLAT is aimed to develop more than 30 different skills that help to improve a child’s learning ability, which is essential for them to learn quickly and effectively. NeuroLAT helps them to proficient in any academic subjects, and preparing them for academic success!


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